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Lavae Aldrich * 506-8977-1576 * Playa Samara, Costa Rica




Art Glass (system 96) Tiles and Building Materials Recycled and Bottle Glass Jewelry Painting with Glass Powders and Frit

System 96 Art Glass

Building Materials


Frit Paintings

Recycled and Bottle Glass

With a new home, a new life, and a new kiln, I began to explore the medium of kiln-formed glass.  I am mostly self-taught, with an occasional seminar from some very generous teachers.  One of the things I like most about working in glass art is the sense of support and cooperation among the community of glass artists around the world.  

The other thing I love about glass fusing is the wealth of possibilities for making art.  I am constantly exploring innovative techniques and processes, traditional tools, and fresh materials.   Each time I fire the kiln, I try to learn something new.  A lot of my art is driven by the medium itself, warm glass.  I can use layered light and three dimensional textures in a way that painters can’t. And I can use gravity to explore form.

My tropical lifestyle inspires my glass art.  My daily morning beach walks – I have a dog – proffer sunshine or tropical rain and warm waves at my feet.  These are my sources of inspiration: flora and fauna, sea and sky, sun and rain.  Still, my art is informed by my years as an architect.  Color, balance, line, and contrast are inherent to the designs I make.  I’ve always loved to build things and now the process of glass fusing keeps me engaged.  

Most glass is recyclable.  I use bottle glass and window glass left over from local construction projects to make fused tableware, with and without color.  I use recycled glass to paint with colored glass frit or to explore form, sometimes without color.  Now my neighbors keep me supplied with recycled glass.  The blue from Bombay Saphire Gin is one of my favorites.

Presentation -

  • The gallery at Samara Organics * Mercado Organico, Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  
  • You can see the full range of my work on this website.
  • To learn about new products, techniques, and seasonal pieces, subscribe to my blog at http://geckoglass.wordpress.com.

Glass, in its simplest understanding, is sand melted with minerals.  But the power to combine brilliant and shimmering colors, intricate patterns, and organic shapes that live and glow is sheer alchemy.  

I have always loved looking at glass but I came to making glass art somewhat late in life.  After a 30 year career in architecture, I began fusing glass in earnest when, in 2006, I closed my practice and emigrated to Costa Rica .


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Oregon, 1978

Licensed Architect, Washington State, 1981 -2006

Licensed Architect, Wyoming State, 1981 -1985

Prinicpal, Aldrich Architects, Seattle and Issaquah, WA, 1986 - 2006

Artist, Gecko Glass Art, Playa Samara, Costa Rica, 2006 - present

Lavae Aldrich

Artist’s Statement